Huge Starfish Pattern

huge starfish pillow

This huge starfish pattern will give you a large huggable starfish pillow that you will love just as much as your kids will. Throw it on a couch or maybe make it a comfortable companion for your hammock (but don’t leave it out to get rained on!).

To read the story about the creation of this pillow visit my page at

Please leave comments and feedback on how you like the pattern, if you have suggestions or other general madness. This will go to sale in mid June!

This pattern is copyrighted to Beth&Joy. Please feel free to make plenty of them for your family and friends but please do not sell either the pattern nor the pillows made from the pattern without permission.

Huge Starfish is now available for download! Get it here in my Etsy Shop


-:-   450 yrds/6 skeins of Ariosa yarn from Classic Elite Yarns

-:-  24in or larger and a 12in size 11/8mm circular needle

-:-   5 size 11/8mm double pointed needles

-:-  15/16oz of Supreme Fiberfil (or any NEW fiberfil)

-:-   6 locking or open stitch markers

-:-   tapestry needle to weave in ends


The gauge is not incredibly important. If you like a more tightly stuffed piece I would go down a needle size overall, but it will slightly reduce the size of your finished project.

-:- 6 stitches and 8 rows over 2 inches

Final Thoughts:

Here is a little tutorial if you need a visual on the central shaping decreases. Also If you haven’t but would like to purchase this pattern it is available for purchase in my etsy shop.

THANK YOU for your support! Please show continued support by using this pattern only for your non-commercial, personal use. Please do not knit and sell designs from this pattern without express permission. Copyright © 2013 Beth&Joy; all rights reserved.

Created: by Beth&Joy Listed: Patterns
  • Ellen

    I fell in love with this pillow the moment I saw it! Decided to make it and finished it in less than 3 days.
    No real issues with the pattern, only two moments I had to try out things before continuing:
    – The slip 2 knitwise is slipping 2 stitches at the same time and not separately
    – When starting the second side (I did a provisional cast-on) it is not possible to align the decreases with the first side. I did the sl2kw on the 2 stitches before the decrease row of the other side.
    Thanks for a lovely pattern. I have added my project to Ravelry with a photo.

    • Beth&Joy

      Thanks so much for the feedback! I thought the decrease might give some people trouble so I put together a little tutorial and just posted it!

      If we can’t get it lined up with a provisional cast-on then I’ll omit that option. I am working on a second and I think I would like to make the sides separately then do a simple crochet slip bringing them together. It would look good i think since it will create a raised seam that looks pretty near the same to the decrease seams.

      • Ellen

        I think the tutorial is very clear and helpful (how do you do that so quickly?)
        With regard to the provisional cast-on: although it doesn’t fully line up, in my opinion that is not a problem. In fact the decrease seam only makes a small ‘turn’and then continues on the other side. I’ll try to make a foto of it and add that to my Ravelry project page for you to see.

        • Beth&Joy

          I had actually thought about doing it when I originally wrote up my pattern. Had taken the pictures and even edited them already. This just gave cause to throw it out there.

          I see the turn you mentioned. I didn’t expect it, but I can see how it makes sense being that you are kind of turning the stitches over to the left on the decrease.