Back to School!

Fall pumpkin It’s the first day of a new school year here in little town, USA. Since I have effectively lazed away the summer, I guess it’s time to do some real work! So long as we are diving right in… The huge starfish pattern has been added to my etsy shop. Also just today I finished and posted a fun new little pattern to get us all into the fall spirit. What better to do that than a Fall pumpkin! Fun right?

But, I can hear someone already… “wait it doesn’t have those cute little indention lines that real pumpkins have!” Yes, I know. So I am already working on a second pumpkin that WILL have indention lines. That way everyone can pick their favorite and be happy.

P.S. That cinnamon stick makes this smell so good.

The leaf in this picture was actually a free pattern I found on another blog. And while I like the shape of it there is something about it that I feel is just not quite what I want. I think in the coming week I will attempt a little leaf for myself. See if I can get a hold on just how I want it.

Looking at this picture I feel like the light washed out some of the pumpkins color, it is actually quite golden. It actually a little squattier in person haha more like an apple in this picture. Note to self: take some more pictures.

On another note, being that it’s a new year it’s time to fill my calendar with school dates and holidays. However last night I noticed that two of my pens are drying out. While I like the pens I have I would like to find some of those super fine point pens. I found some online but I would rather be able to see them in person before I buy them. Any brand suggestions out there?

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