And Knit Crate too!

MINIS1_largeI’ve broken down and signed up for Knit crate too! I can’t tell you how long I resisted because my budget is already so tight. Oh well! Maybe I’ll do my own comparison and choose which I like better. Though of course the one I really want is the most expensive one. From what I have seen on Google images and the couple of blog posts I came across that talk about their knit crate, there are some Gorgeous yarns in all the boxes. The one I repeatedly envied was the indie box coming in at a whopping $65 a month or $70 bi-monthly. Though from what I have seem it seems like you get your moneys worth from all the knit crate boxes. Maybe when I have more money to freely spend it won’t feel like such a chunk out of my budget. For that reason I signed up for the minis. I thought it would be nice for small projects and sampling. Though I am looking forward to finding some really great yarns for future pattern writing. While we are still on Knit Crate I thought I would share that you can sign up for a giveaway!
I believe the details are on their facebook page and you can enter to win up until July 23rd, 2014 at noon (EST). I of course entered, and good luck to anyone else who might enter!

On a random side note. I recently rented The Book Thief and really liked it. The girl they chose is an absolute cherub. Now that I’ve seen the movie I can read the book. Anyone who knows me well knows I can’t read a book before I see the movie. One, my expectations for that movie will be unrealistically high. Two, because I read in pictures, if the character in my head is completely off from the character in the movie it just ruins it. If I read after I can put the actors face to it more easily, provided I like them and minor details are easily changed like hair color and height. I won’t be able to read it until I finish The White Princess which I started a couple weeks ago. I’m really enjoying it, as I do most of Phillipa Gregory’s books. My favorite so far has been The Other Boleyn Girl – that movie by the way was hideously done. Do not waste your money. You know its bad when the author declines to comment on the movie. Do you have a favorite Phillipa Gregory book?

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